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Dear readers,

My name is Stella Veronica Vyolina, you can call me as you like :) I do not mind. I born in Jakarta, Indonesia in 1996. I'm an alumnus from Gandhi Sevaloka Ancol, I went to the Junior and Senior High School. Currently I continue my study in University of Pelita harapan, Karawaci. I am taking Psychology major (3th term) and planning to take Clinical Psychology in the future. Furthermore, I have high interest in Freud's theories and Psychoanalytical, if you want to discuss about psychology and it's applied, I am open. However, it does not means I do not want to share other than Psychology study. I also like literature and food, sometime I would try to write blog articles in Indonesian

Though this blog connected to my Google+ profile, which is "Etheldreda Vanity Lulu", this blog and the Google+ account still belong to my possession. The Google+ account was made for fun and I did not put my real name on. Therefore, I hope that mistake of mine is understandable.

Here is my contact :))

Stella Veronica V


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