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Expressing Gratitude For High Relatonship Quality

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What is Relationship?

Have you ever think deeply what exactly is relationship? I would not explain much about its word origin, it can be easily found on Wikipedia, to be honest.
Based on Psychology Dictionary, "relationship is Particular type of connection between two or more entities or phenomena. A binding, usually continuous association between individuals wherein one has some influence on feelings or actions of the other"

How Gratitude Related to Relationship Quality?
I do not want to write nonsense, I do not use writing material from some random websites. Which means, I summarize journal articles that based on scientific research. There are direct download links I put below, feel free to download them for more information and knowledge.

1. Gratitude Increase Relationship Connection and Satisfaction
Algoe, Galbe and Maisel (2010) study find that experience of gratitude affect relationship quality for individuals in romantic relationships and for the partner.
Relationship can not last long with love only, other elements such as communication and attachment also influential. Relationship should be well maintained, the relationship connection and satisfaction will boosted by showing gratitude regularly in the relationship.
According to Algoe et al., (2010) "Women’s increased feelings of satisfaction with the relationship and men’s increased feelings of connection to the partner and satisfaction with the relationship were predicted by gratitude felt on the previous day."

2. Higher Marital Satisfaction (For those Married Couple)
Marriage is believed the highest phase of relationship which is more advanced and complicated to be maintained. However, it is not impossible to have happy marriage. By expressing gratitude will make newlyweds receive benefits by expressing gratitude to their partner in their marriage and relationship. Gratitude for partner will gives high marital satisfaction and better adjustment between newlyweds (Schramm, Marshall, & Harris, 2005). Furthermore, newly marriage couple high who feel gratitude toward partner also give positive behavior of their partner in particular day (Mikulincer, Shaver, & Slav, 2006). Positive behavior will give good impact on your relationship and automatically reduces negative quarrels, debates, complains, and issues.

3. Higher Comfort Voicing Concerns
Expressing gratitude reported to give higher comfort voicing concerns, it also rises positive perception of the partner (Lambert & Fincham, 2011). To show your concern toward your partner is a good way to maintain your relationship. Many people feel their partner do not care about them though it is not true, showing gratitude could increase the voicing concerns' comfort which helps people to share their concerns of their valentine more easy and deep. Lambert and Fincham (2011) also stated that, "positive perception of the partner mediated the relationship between condition and comfort in voicing relationship concerns."

As a conclusion, Expressing gratitude and be gratitude increase relationship quality both for men and women, married couple or dating couple. I suggest daily expression of gratitude in relationship, even though it seems difficult for some people, just give it a try and slowly it will become a common thing.
Best wishes for every couples :))

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Dear readers,

My name is Stella Veronica Vyolina, you can call me as you like :) I do not mind. I born in Jakarta, Indonesia in 1996. I'm an alumnus from Gandhi Sevaloka Ancol, I went to the Junior and Senior High School. Currently I continue my study in University of Pelita harapan, Karawaci. I am taking Psychology major (3th term) and planning to take Clinical Psychology in the future. Furthermore, I have high interest in Freud's theories and Psychoanalytical, if you want to discuss about psychology and it's applied, I am open. However, it does not means I do not want to share other than Psychology study. I also like literature and food, sometime I would try to write blog articles in Indonesian

Though this blog connected to my Google+ profile, which is "Etheldreda Vanity Lulu", this blog and the Google+ account still belong to my possession. The Google+ account was made for fun and I did not put my real name on. Therefore, I hope that mistake of mine is understandable.

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How English Began

One of Old English Literature

How English Began?

The Continuation of "Where English Comes From",

English comes from a common ancestral language believed to have existed a very long time ago. It has been called Indo-European . About 4500 years ago, the people who spoke varying form of this language split into groups that drifted into Europe and part of Asia. Different speech communities developed within these widespread groups eventually giving rise to several languages including Latin, from which any of the languages spoken in Europe today developed. One group of Indo-European languages is known as Germanic, and this is the primary parent language of English and German.

Warrior-adventures, who spoke Germanic, invaded what how Great Britain about A.D 450. The invaders called Angels, Saxons and Jutes. All spoke Similar dialects. The people the conquered known as, Britons, spoke Celtic, The Celtic language included Latin words because conquering Roman troops occupied Britain from A.D 43 until the 400's, the troops had to return home to defend Rome against invading armies. The Germanic tribes conquered Britain after the Romans left.

As the invading tribes took over and settled in Britain, the Celtic languages gradually retreated. Since the Celtic people were forced to communicate with their rulers, the history f the English language begins with the take-over of Britain by the Germanic tribes. As a result, Celtic made only a small contribution to the English vocabulary with words such as crag and bin. However, many place names were adopted from the Celtic. Among them are Avon, Kent, London, Ouse, and Thames. Small groups of people living in Ireland, Wales, and the Scottish Highlands still speak varieties of Celtic such as Scottish Gaelic, Welsh, Breton, and recently revived Irish.

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